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Setting Up CocoaPods for FVM-managed Flutter Projects

When working with Flutter and managing different versions using FVM, setting up CocoaPods can present a challenge. This guide provides a straightforward approach to installing CocoaPods for a specific Flutter version managed by FVM.


  • Ensure FVM is installed, and a specific Flutter version is set for your project.

Installing CocoaPods with FVM

  1. Determine the Path: Identify the path to the bin directory of the specific Flutter version managed by FVM. For instance, if you are using Flutter version 3.10.4, the path might look like this: /Users/<your-username>/fvm/versions/3.10.4/bin.

  2. Install CocoaPods: Utilize the identified path to install CocoaPods as follows:

    sudo gem install -n /Users/<your-username>/fvm/versions/3.10.4/bin cocoapods
  3. Navigate to Your Project's iOS Directory

    cd <your-project-directory>/ios
  4. Install the Pods

    pod install